Check the Merrill
FotoNews for information
and registration
opportunities for all
events listed on this page,
as well as

  • Boating safety,
  • ATV Safety,
  • Snowmobile safety,
  • Archery Certification,
  • Youth and Womens'
    Summer Trap Shoot
  • Hunter Safety
  • Trapper Education
Lincoln County Sports Club
We support and encourage youth and all people to
enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.
Congratulations to  
this year's
Trapper Education
and Hunter Safety
Information about
classes in 2020 will be
available in January.

Youth and Women's
Trap Shoot

Join us for this free
event every Tuesday
and Thursday in June.
Hunter Safety
Classes will be held in February and
March. Check back in December and
January for registration information.